Exterior Wall Painting Tips for Beginners

Paint Like a Pro!

Your home’s exterior wall painting job can change how it looks and potentially raise its value. Also, a fresh layer of paint will shield your walls from environmental harm. Check out these tips before painting your house to get a professional finish.

Check the Weather

The deadliest enemy of a painter is moisture. Just months after a fresh application, the paint will begin to bubble and crack on wet wood siding or concrete foundations. Wait until all surfaces are dry before painting to avoid the hassle and expense of having to redo it. Before beginning an outside painting project, wait until at least June if you reside in an area with lengthy, snowy winters and damp springs. If you live in a humid area, prepare for fall’s cooler, drier weather. Skilled painters have moisture meters on them and won’t touch a piece of wood with a brush if it has moisture.

Patch Cracks

Although painting your home’s exterior can be an agonizingly tedious process, it does allow you a chance to examine your property closely. Examine the condition of the wood clapboards, window ledges, and shutters as you spend hours scraping the trim. Fix any pieces that are cracked, broken, or rotten right away to prevent future problems. A piece of wood that has completely rotted must be removed and replaced. But, if there are only a few small cracks or holes, fill them using an external patching solution of the highest caliber.

Apply Primer

It can feel exhaustingly pointless to apply a coat of primer to a large painting project. Yet primer probably makes the difference between a 5-year and a 25-year exterior paint job. Primer has two basic purposes: It also creates a flat, clean surface so the topcoat of paint will adhere like glue. This avoids mildew by sealing in any moisture that may still be present. Priming is not necessary if you are fortunate enough to begin with a completely smooth and clean painted surface, but not many of us are.

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