Ask Your Local Painting Service for the Harmless Paint to Use

Harmful Chemicals Found in Paints

Today’s market offers a diverse selection of paints. Some are water-based, and others are oil-based. Some are meant for interior use, while others are made for exterior use. So, before you choose the right kind of paint to apply to your house’s interior and exterior, be sure to take note of what these things mean. You can start with more thorough research by reading the features of each kind of paint. If you are still at a loss you can ask your local painting service company. Here are harmful chemicals found in paints:


Toluene is frequently found in paints that are made for interior use. This chemical is extremely toxic and hazardous to the health of your family and the people around you. Toluene is a colorless and flammable liquid that has antidepressant, insecticide, and paint thinner properties. Toluene exposure can cause central nervous system problems, headaches, vision problems, and even personality changes in people.


Also known as mexurane, xylene is another type of chemical found in paints. This chemical is toxic and harmful to the health of families and individuals. When you inhale xylene, it is known to cause extreme drowsiness and breathing problems. Xylene is also known to cause central nervous system issues. This chemical is colorless and has a burning odor. It is also a liquid that is slow to evaporate and turns into a gas upon exposure to air.


This is a chemical that is commonly found in paints. This chemical can harm the nervous system and is known to cause central nervous system issues. It is also highly toxic and can potentially cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

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